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Trade And Sale Of Energy (Oil, Gas, Electricity, Utilities & Mining)

Choose My Power LLC is a leading energy broker. We provide brokerage and consulting services for the trade and sale of energy, including oil, gas, electricity, utilities, and mining. In addition, we work as intermediaries between retail energy suppliers and customers. We help consumers make the best energy choices regarding the trade and sale of energy. We ensure consumers are not misled by rates that may be complicated or confusing. The team at Choose My Power LLC is highly trained and experienced and has the industry knowledge needed to handle the complexities of the energy procurement process. We strive to provide next-generation solutions for delivering affordable, reliable energy to consumers.

Our services cover all processes in energy sales and energy trading. In addition, we offer energy broking services to fulfill each customer's specific needs. Choose My Power LLC can get you the best rates in the energy market regarding the trade and sale of energy. We are dedicated to helping and supporting our customers to get the best energy rates in deregulated markets. For many years Choose My Power LLC has been the trusted broker and consultant for countless businesses when it comes to electricity, gas, oil, and more.